beIN Sports Receiver is, beIN PVR HD Box & beIN 4K media service

The best quality of new model beIN Sports receiver in middle east

We have this 2 receiver which you can enjoy the great beIN Sports channels in the best quality & services you can get in the world. choose your model beIN Sports receiver and make order easily by simple request

beIN Sports Receiver is, beIN PVR HD Box & beIN 4K media service
Currently we have 2 model of beIN Sports receiver and both are newest model and same design.

Are you looking to buy a new beIN sport receiver?
We are here to support you to get beIN sports receiver with same package as you like in fast and quality.

First model of beIN Sports Receiver is, beIN PVR HD Box it’s very recommended receiver, it’s small, very fast & friendly use. Only in white color available.

Second model of beIN Sports Receiver is beIN 4K media service it’s very smart & optional box. This is 4K receiver which is mean very high quality, 4 times more than HD, its Supper.

To apply for “New beIN Sports Subscription” you have to know about these boxes and optional what they have, to use and enjoy with all facility of beIN Sports Receiver.


We have Two Model of beIN Sports Receivers

beIN PVR Plus Box new

Facility of beIN PVR HD Box

• 7 Day Program Guide
• Multi-languages
• Atmos Compatible Dolby Audio
• Parental Control
• Wi-Fi enabled
• USB Port
• Video-on-Demand
• Record, Pause, Rewind and Forward Live TV

tReceiver beIN 4K Media Server

Facility of beIN 4k receiver

• 4K Ultra HD (3,840 x 2,160) resolution
• 1 TB built-in Hard Drive
• Personal Video Recorder
• Record, Pause, Rewind
• Dolby Atmos compatible immersive audio
• Record up to 3 channels while watching a fourth one live
• Video on Demand
• Wireless Entertainment Network
• Parental Control
• 7-days EPG Guide

beIN Sports 4k receiver

There is only one 4k channel available & Only if you have a beIN 4k Receiver you will get 4k channel in your channel list, but if you have beIN PVR HD box you won’t be able to watch 4k channel.

After selecting beIN receiver you have to choose your preferred package from one of the beIN packages, to see beIN packages please go to beIN packages page.

If want to upgrade beIN receiver to higher model it’s also possible and this change doesn’t effect to your package, which is mean we will change your receiver with same package you have to new beIN receiver.

bein sports logo

New beIn Sports Receiver now are available for Saudi claints by ordering easily from
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